Make Warangal Great Again

What i will do for Warangal East: ?

Warangal East is urban area but still backward compared to many urban areas in the country. We are very influential in many struggles but still problems exists
1. I will make sure every other ward will have an internet based library and gym for all the youth that will help them develop their skills. Libraries in past 50 years still the same.
2. Fix the roads in all areas of warangal so they are better – Desaipet road and many others
3. Make sure employees and students problems will be give due consideration.
4. Work on issues for Poor. All govt schemes will be implemented with ZERO tolerance for the corruption
5. Telangana martyrs will get justice. Identify families and they get justice
6. Bring Universities and Teacher Organizations to help bring change in Primary and School Education
7. Support and Bring Textile Park into Success by bringing all round infrastructure development. Bring Warangal Bus Station and Railway Station to the next level
8. Make Warangal Smart City status a reality. Bring Clean Politics and Be Accountable.
9. Encourage Foreign Companies to Come to Warangal also apart from Hyderabad. Transportation Issues for People to be given priority.
10. Fight for increased research funding for Kakatiya Universities and partnership with Foreign Companies… expressed by Puli Sarangapani.